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Exterior cleaning like all industries has evolved with advancement in technology. Where pressure washing used to be the standard for all surfaces those high high pressures can also damage sensitive finishes. Enter Soft Wash! Laboratory created solutions combat and neutralize the bacteria that feed upon the limestone fillers within shingles and cause dark streaks and stains. This gentle yet powerful system makes it is a great alternative to pressure washing for Siding, Stucco, Eaves & Soffits, Decorative Stone, even Windows and other areas where blasting with water is less than ideal.  Schedule a free quote & consultation to see what we can do for you.

While Soft Wash is a versatile solution for sensitive surfaces there are still areas where Pressure Washing is the the better option. Grime, dirt, vehicle traffic and more can quickly degrade your concrete surfaces and give a fairly new property an old appearance. While we in Louisiana are no strangers to pressure washing with almost everyone owning one there is no replacement for the professional equipment utilized by AquaStream. Say Goodbye to those lines and swirls left by DIY jobs and part timers! We utilize Industrial wide pass rotary cleaners similar to a lawnmower to quickly and effeciently restore your concrete and sidewalks to a freshly poured appearance. Nothing brightens a property like fresh concrete and nothing provides that better than AquaStream.

As part of our complete exterior cleaning we will note any issues we encounter. One area that occurs often is clogged or damaged gutter systems. Because we are conducting roof cleaning it makes it an ideal time to clean out gutters allowing more efficient draining and reducing chance of rot or water infiltration.  It is also an perfect time to install gutter guards and reduce the chance of future clogs and issues.


AquaStream is the preferred local installer for GutterStuff line of products.


AquaStream offers numerous methods of exterior cleaning specifically tailored for your finishes and our primary is Soft Wash.


Soft Wash uses a low pressure application of formulated solution to neutralize, kill, and break down embedded microorganisms and other contaminants followed by a low pressure rinse to ensure the safety of your surface and finishes. Being Eco Friendly it also uses 1/3 the water of pressure washing.


This is why Soft Wash is perfect for shingle roofs, that have been infested with bacteria, causing dark streaks and discoloration but also making it stunningly effective for numerous home surfaces.

As part of a total exterior cleaning provider we also offer pressure washing to restore your concrete as well as window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and gutter guard installation. We are the areas preferred installer of GutterStuff line of products.


Commercial Buildings and Shopping Centers are easy targets for dirt accumulation. Deliveries, vehicles, and customers constantly coming and going coupled with tenants being renters who will keep their shop interior clean but tend to stop there.

With the experience & power of AquaStream your location can be renewed to it's original luster with a wide array of services. From Roof Cleaning, Concrete Parking and Sidewalk Cleaning / Restoration, Canopy, Window cleaning, and More we can renew your businesses exterior to a virtually new appearance to entice customers & tenants.

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In the same manner as Commercial, your Institutional & Campus locations are also susceptible to high traffic of vehicles and individuals daily.

We possess the equipment and techniques to restore them to their original beauty and appeal. From Roof Soft Wash & Glass Cleaning, to Restoration of dirty parking lots and sidewalks we offer a variety of services that will leave your facility bright, sanitized, and in a new construction state ready to impress your visitors and staff.

Don't just take our word, see the recommendation letter we received from Louisiana Hospital Association after working on several of their facilities.

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